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06/09/17 – It has been far too long …………


……… so sorry – we have not blogged in ages – in fact, we had not realised how long it had been! Which can only mean one thing – we have been so so busy!

So welcome on board to the numerous new clients this year and a big hello to all existing ones too… We promise to keep you more up to date with goings on here – but always check out our Facebook and Twitter pages too for more regular updates. So here’s a few pics taken over the last few months.

We have seen many new vending machine installations, the new £1.00 coin has made an appearance and one of our directors is now a regular in Birmingham helping out with the homeless people of our city.


Happy Vending everyone!

sigma installing vending machines width food vending machine width= new vending machine instalment installing vending machines in aldi new pound coin city vending crew