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08/09/2016 – It has been too long …..sorry! September 8, 2016

Operating and Vending Services 

Massive apologies for not blogging in recent times, we have just been so busy, and being a real hands-on vending company – we like to Blog, Facebook & Twitter ourselves, not get a marketing company to do it for us!


So, what’s been happening – lots – we do update Facebook & Twitter most weeks – so always jump on there & have a look …but in general we have been installing many new and used vending machines, from table tops to free standing hot drinks, snacks and can machines, across the West Midlands area, Seeing lots of new clients and working on a few new projects with potential new clients. Feedback as always is excellent too.

We have today had a meeting to update our website slightly and have also seen our annual Audit with our regulators – The AVA – ensuring we are quality controlled in every area – making sure our clients get the very best in machines, operators and servicing – and guess what? We PASSED! Well done Team CVS.


Operating and Vending Services




29/04/2016 – Great New Install this month April 29, 2016

New Client Installation 

April has been a very busy month with the planning of our latest new client installation, of 10 machines, along with bespoke housing, cashless systems, and bespoke paper cups. All went to plan and thanks to all our suppliers for their support – Nebrak, Westomatic, Crane and Suzo Happ.

Welcome on board to our new clients, here is a long and mutual business relationship. Giving clients the customer service they need and deserve every time. Ensuring they do not become just a number, working with them to ensure they get the right vending machines for their needs, and not ours.

 New Client - Aldi vending machine Vending Machines in Aldi A wide view of the vending machines in Aldi

30/03/2016 – Busy Times here at CVS HQ March 30, 2016

Vending Service 

A belated Happy Easter to you all, we have been such busy vending bee’s we simply haven’t had any spare time to blog!

We have been so busy with new clients, and as you know – our clients both new and existing are always put first, so our blogging has suffered somewhat. However, we are still doing what we do best, providing an excellent vending service to all our customers, and we would also like to welcome on board all our new clients too. Being independent we always look after the customer’s needs and not ours, ensuring a bespoke vending solution every time.

We have also seen some brilliant reviews from our new clients and have really started to see the benefit of using cashless payment systems too.

So, enjoy the Easter break and try not to get too stressed entertaining the kids!

From all The Team @ City Vending Services HQ.

Happy Easter cup of tea vending service

Latest Technology – vending – 11/02/2016 February 11, 2016

Apple Pay Vending Machines 

Technology has come a long way in vending over the last 15 years we have been trading, with bean to cup coffee machines leading the way, along with touchscreen vending machines, cashless payment systems, and Apple pay.

Apple pay apple pay touch screen options

Coffee to Go machines and towers are becoming increasingly popular too, giving consumers more choice than ever before.

apple pay vending machine

Being an independent vending operator we choose the right vending solution for each individual client, whether that be the latest technology, or a quality refurb machine, ensuring the client’s needs are met, not ours.