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It’s a dog’s life ……….. September 8, 2017

We all know vending can be a bit boring, so this year we have loved having different kinds of visitors in the office – other than humans! Our most regular visitor is Nala – she is a Pomsky – and has grown up so so quickly – from looking like a wolf when a puppy to now looking like a fox!  Having a dog in the office beats having humans in here doesn’t it ?!

She loves nothing more than playing with the PG Tips monkey or testing a vending paper cup for durability.



06/09/17 – It has been far too long ………… September 6, 2017


……… so sorry – we have not blogged in ages – in fact we had not realised how long it had been! Which can only mean one thing – we have been so so busy!

So welcome on board to the numerous new clients this year and a big hello to all existing ones too…. We promise to keep you more upto date with goings on here – but always check out our Facebook and Twitter pages too for more regular updates. So here’s a few pics taken over the last few months.

We have seen many new vending machine installations, the new £1.00 coin has made an appearance and one of our directors is now a regular in Birmingham helping out with the homeless people of our city.


Happy Vending everyone!

01/02/2017 – Pinch Punch – 1st of the Month… February 1, 2017

Cashless Vending Machines

Wow it is February already – where did January go???


We have had a really busy start to the year, with new machine installations, new cashless payment systems retro fitted to existing and new machines, enabling customers to use Apple pay & debit cards. Bespoke surrounds fitted and installed by our fab team of engineers.

We have also supported some local charities here in Tamworth, with supplies for their coffee mornings…. get in touch if you would like us to support your local charity in a similar way.

Lastly – meet Nala our newest recruit – she is chief tester of the durability of our paper vending cups – and what a job she did!


cashless vending machines CVS installing vending machines

Puppy wearing paper coffee cups Magazine article vending machines

11/01/17 – Happy New Year to you all January 11, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Installing Vending Machines

A very Happy New Year to you all – we had a very busy run up to Christmas & busy start to the New Year too – which is brilliant. We have been installing vending machines and worked a lot over the Christmas time to ensure all our vending machines were full for people who were also working. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you well for 2017.


Touch Screen Vending Machine Installing Vending Machines